• Clean operations in a 33,000 square foot renovated manufacturing factory on a major highway in Southwest Michigan, readily accessible to shippers.

• High-quality custom injection molded products on presses ranging from 25 to 610 ton with materials ranging from commodity to engineering grade plastics.

• We succeed in molding difficult parts where high tolerance and high quality are required. Our presses have proven repeatability and consistent cycles.

• Short production run capabilities are possible because of flexible scheduling and quick mold changes

•Insert molding and prototyping.

• PPAP capabilities and reliable tool shops. We have a reputation for aiding our customers in designing parts then building a cost effective mold for production.

•From prototyping plastic parts and tools to building and running production tools, from conception to production, TriStar can service you throughout the life of the plastic part.

• We take pride in our commitment to quality at every level. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified. Emphasis on quality starts with the product concept and is maintained through the manufacturing process, including receiving inspection of raw materials, in process inspection, SPC data control, final inspection, and final shipping inspection. Our goal is to identify and eliminate all problems before the product reaches the customer.

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