Environmental Policy
                                           Go Green, save the earth...

TriStar Molding, Inc in response to conserving nature, our natural resources is reviewing all activities and doing everything we can to help conserve and make this earth a better place to live for all...and future generations....

 Conserving nature and our natural resources:
     • Go paperless whenever possible.
     • Run efficient tooling to decrease cycle times and increase productivity.
     • Maintain/run efficient equipment to help decrease power utilization.
     • Use closed loop cooling system to decrease water usage.
     • Using Injection molding machine heat to warm the building in the cold months.
     • Shut equipment down and turn off the lights when not needed.

     • Regrind plastic scrap and reuse as much as we can.
     • Send all extra unusable plastic scrap to a recycle facility.
     • Use recycled materials when applicable (Post Consumer & Post Industrial resins)
     • Send all cardboard, pallets, and office paper to a recycle facility.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts we can make a difference…